Our mission

We use population-level data to answer the question:

Where is North Carolina heading?

Carolina Demography is made up of demographic researchers, evaluators, spatial analysts, coders, designers, and storytellers. Together, we provide people with the data and analysis they need to make sense of population-level changes.

Collectively, we have decades of experience making population estimates and forecasts, analyzing population-level and economic trends, and communicating that data back out into the world in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon. Our work informs decision-making, evaluation, and policy across North Carolina, where we serve organizations and people in all 100 counties.

Our story

We are fortunate to be housed within the Carolina Population Center (CPC), one of the oldest and most distinguished population centers in the country. It was Paul Voss, then the interim director of CPC, who proposed building an applied demography unit within the center in 2012.

Modeled after the Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the vision for Carolina Demography was to help people and organizations across NC better understand the dynamic and rapidly changing state. UNC’s Office of Research provided seed money to fund the research consulting unit for six months.

Rebecca Tippett, Carolina Demography’s founding director, joined CPC in 2013. Working closely with CPC’s leadership, she began meeting with local and state government officials, businesses, non-for-profit organizations, and people across the state to understand what questions they had about their rapidly changing population. Early projects included population projections and delivering presentations on migration patterns across NC.

Today, Carolina Demography has grown to a team of ten and continues to take on projects that help people better understand the implications of demographic change across the state of NC.

A map of North Carolina counties that Carolina Demography has worked in.

We know North Carolina.
In addition to our broad, statewide projects that surface information from every NC county, we have directly worked in 76 counties across North Carolina.

For press

For all press inquiries, please email demography@unc.edu with the topic you’d like to talk about and your deadline.

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Media services

Carolina Demography has several initiatives that assist journalists in using Census data and other data sets. Our staff:

  • Frequently answers questions related to population-level datasets and analysis through the demography@unc.edu email box.
  • Prepares fact sheets and news releases on Census Bureau datasets.
  • Prepares interviews on topics related to demographic trends in North Carolina.
  • Publishes newsletters and blog posts on topics related to North Carolina and demography.
  • Can likely help you figure out if a relevant dataset exists and how to find it.

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