NC’s current 2020 Census response is concerning

More than four in every ten North Carolina households have not yet filled out the 2020 Census, representing more than 4 million North Carolinians not currently captured in the Census. Our current response rate is below the national rate and below where our state was in 2010. North Carolina communities that have not responded at high rates are predominantly rural, Black, and Brown, with low internet access. It is vital to our state that all…

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College-and-Career-Ready in Reading and Math

By on 7.23.20 in Education

This blog is the second in a series exploring myFutureNC’s statewide dashboard indicators, which span the educational continuum. Read the complete series.   This week, we’ll be going in depth on two similar indicators - College-and-Career-Ready in reading and math. Although we provide detailed information on NC, national data on the percent of 3-8 grade students who earned college-and-career-ready scores on End-of-Grade (EOG) reading and math exams are not available, and therefore we cannot compare North Carolina to other states. What…

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NC Pre-K: The Carolina Demography Guide

By on 7.6.20 in Education

This blog post is the first in a series exploring myFuture NC’s statewide dashboard indicators, which span the educational continuum. For week 1, we’ll be going in depth on NC Prekindergarten (NC Pre-K) enrollment. Although we provide detailed information on NC, data on enrollment in Pre-K is not available nationally, and therefore we cannot compare NC’s enrollment rates to other states. What is NC Pre-K? Research has established that the first several years of a…

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Getting everyone counted in the 2020 Census

By on 6.24.20 in Census 2020

A complete and accurate census count is incredibly important. The census shapes how billions of dollars in federal funding are distributed (including $43.8 billion to North Carolina), how political seats are apportioned, and how communities plan for their future residents. Historically, certain populations have been undercounted in the census, due to a variety of factors. In 2010, the Census Bureau estimated the census missed about 2.1% of the Black population nationwide. For young children, the…

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Who isn’t responding to the Census in North Carolina?

Every household that doesn’t fill out the census form online, by mail, or by phone—known as “self-response”—enters the Census Bureau’s non-response follow-up (NRFU) universe. During NRFU, the Census Bureau sends trained enumerators door-to-door to collect census responses directly. This is an expensive and time-consuming process. NRFU was supposed to start in May 2020 but has been delayed due to COVID-19. The Census Bureau currently plans to begin NRFU operations in mid-August. To understand which communities…

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Dying to Reopen: Comparing North Carolina and Georgia

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to remain physically distant from each other but has also created new opportunities for us to remain socially connected. Since UNC-Chapel Hill (UNC) closed its campus in mid-March, I (Alexis) have virtually collaborated with my colleagues in the Sociology Department and at the Carolina Population Center, participated in global dance parties on Instagram, laughed with friends on Google Hangout, and played pub-style trivia over Zoom. Each week, I look…

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2020 Census: How is North Carolina doing?

NC Census Tracker Updates Visit the NC Census Tracker Sign up for email updates about the map and our weekly response rate analyses Presentations and Downloads 2020 Census: How is North Carolina Doing (April 22, 2020) North Carolina: Census 2020 Real-Time Response Rates – Week ending April 26 (PDF) County-Level Response Rates – Week ending April 26 New: NC college maps and tract data Note: The below analysis was done on 4/22/2020 with the self-response…

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How many North Carolina households might be eligible for federal stimulus checks?

April 15 would normally mark Tax Day, the federal income filing deadline. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tax Day is now extended three months to July 15. Instead, as the U.S. ends its first month of widespread social distancing, many American households may receive their federal stimulus check this week. These stimulus checks – also known as Economic Impact Payments – will be as much as $1,200 per person, but not everyone will qualify. I…

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Counting farmworkers in the 2020 Census

How many farmworkers are in the United States? There are about 3 million farmworkers in the United States: about two million are family farmworkers and another one million are hired farmworkers. Do hired farmworkers count in the Census? If a farmworker is living in a community on April 1, 2020, and that is their usual residence, meaning that it is the place where they live and sleep most of the time, they should be counted…

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Activities you can do with your children to promote Census 2020

The recent stay-at-home orders have caused Carolina Demography's under-5 staff population to grow substantially. Though our temporary new colleagues generally prefer crayons to Excel and chalk drawings to data analysis, they are willing and able to help with our ongoing Census work. Below are some activities we've tried with our kids that may also work in your house or neighborhood (if you're looking for civically-themed activities that hold toddlers' attention for a moderate amount of…

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