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NC in Focus: Commuting by Carpooling

By on 9.10.15 in Transportation

Nearly 440,000 or 10.4% of all North Carolina workers carpool to work according to the 2009-2013 American Community Survey estimates. Nationally, 9.8% of workers carpooled. North Carolina has the 15th highest rate of carpooling among the states. Many counties have a higher rate of carpooling than the state average; many of these counties are smaller counties. Hyde County has the highest rate of carpooling: 22% of its 2,050 workers report commuting to work via carpool.…

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Net Commuting Flows

Net commuting flows are equal to the number of individuals commuting into a county to work minus the number of residents leaving the county to work elsewhere. A positive net flow or net in-commuting indicates that there are more jobs in the county than there are resident workers. A negative net flow or net out-commuting indicates that there are more workers living in the county than there are jobs. Across the state, 30 counties have…

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County-to-County Commuting by Work County

By on 8.31.15 in Transportation

The other week, we looked at where county residents work. Today we’re using the same 2009-2013 American Community Survey estimates to examine where county workers live. According to the ACS, there were 4.23 million individuals working in North Carolina. The vast majority of these workers – 4.12 million or 97.4%—were also North Carolina residents. Nearly 65,000 of the state’s workers live in South Carolina (1.5% of NC workers) and 17,000 workers commute from Virginia (0.4%…

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How many Orange County workers can (and do) take the bus to work?

By on 10.28.13 in Transportation

In 2012, 80% of U.S. commuters drove alone to work. In the push to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, as well as improve quality of life and health outcomes—both physical and fiscal—for commuters, many are encouraging car alternatives. The city of Chicago, for example, recently launched its “Drive Less, Live More” campaign, which advocates increased public transit, biking, walking, carpooling and car-sharing, and telecommuting, with the promise of “Less traffic. More air quality. More…

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