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Potential voters are fastest-growing segment of NC Hispanic population

As a result of these changes, the voting eligible population—individuals who are both 18 or older and a citizen (native-born or naturalized)—is the fastest-growing segment of the state’s Hispanic population. This population increased by 105,514 or 49.4% over five years, more than twice the growth of the voting-eligible Latino population nationwide (22.1%). In 2012, just one in four NC Hispanic residents was voting eligible. As of 2017, this shared had increased to one in three.…

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Generational Composition of North Carolina Electorate in 2016

Yesterday’s post examined projected generational changes in North Carolina’s adult population. By 2016, North Carolina is projected to have 7.85 million adults, with the following projected generational breakdown: Greatest ( - 1927): 82,800 Silent (1928-1945): 849,400 Baby Boomers (1946-1964): 2,329,500 Gen X (1965-1981): 2,273,700 Millennial (1982-2004): 2,317,000 Baby Boomers will just barely be the largest adult generation, with Millennials poised to overtake them in population size in 2017. Voting Eligible How do these total population…

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North Carolina Hispanics and the Electorate

Monday, September 15th, through Wednesday, October 15th, marks National Hispanic Heritage Month. In 2012, the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project published a look at the Hispanic electorate in every state. They noted that, in North Carolina: The number of Latinos registered to vote has increased tenfold since 2004. It rose from 10,000 during the 2004 presidential election to 68,000 during the 2008 presidential election and now stands at 113,000. The share of Latino registered voters…

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