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Potential voters are fastest-growing segment of NC Hispanic population

As a result of these changes, the voting eligible population—individuals who are both 18 or older and a citizen (native-born or naturalized)—is the fastest-growing segment of the state’s Hispanic population. This population increased by 105,514 or 49.4% over five years, more than twice the growth of the voting-eligible Latino population nationwide (22.1%). In 2012, just one in four NC Hispanic residents was voting eligible. As of 2017, this shared had increased to one in three.…

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The Hispanic/Latino Community in North Carolina

Series note: This post and the next few in the series are the outgrowth of a presentation jointly developed with Dr. Krista M. Perreira and presented by Dr. Perreira to the October meeting of the North Carolina Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs. Terminology note: The U.S. Census Bureau introduced the term Hispanic in 1980 and this is a term preferred by some Hispanic/Latino populations. The term Latino became more commonly used in the 1990s…

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North Carolina’s Hispanic Population

Monday, September 15th, through Wednesday, October 15th, marks National Hispanic Heritage Month. In 1990, 76,726 North Carolina residents identified as Hispanic, 1.2% of the state’s population. Twenty-two years later, the state’s Hispanic population had increased eleven-fold. According to the American Community Survey, there were 845,420 Hispanic individuals living in North Carolina in 2012, representing 8.7% of the state’s population. Both components of population growth—net migration and natural increase, or more births than deaths—drove the rapid…

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NC in Focus: Kindergarten Demographics

By on 7.10.14 in Education

“Today’s kindergartners offer a glimpse of tomorrow’s demographics.” – Jens Manuel Krogstad, “A view of the future through kindergarten demographics” from Pew Research Center A recent data analysis from Pew Research Center identified 17 states where 20% or more of public kindergartners were Hispanic in 2012. North Carolina just missed Pew’s cut-off; in 2012, 19.4% of kindergartners attending public school were Hispanic or Latino according to the American Community Survey. North Carolina’s share of Hispanic…

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